Bakery & Bravery - Adventure Time

Bakery & Bravery - Adventure Time

About game «Bakery & Bravery - Adventure Time»

Imagine that magic has awakened and that everything around you has transformed. The environment has an entirely new appearance, and both the animals and people are not the same as before. Finn and Jake reside in the same planet. You may learn more about what they do and the kinds of experiences they encounter in the free online game Adventure Time. There is a place where they make particularly excellent pies for every taste, somewhere in a remote forest. The enchanted woodland, which is just brimming with miracles, is where the chef will find all of his ingredients. Are you interested in seeing one of them? Quickly head into the bush with Finn and Jake to look for ingredients. It won't be a simple adventure, though, as you'll have to deal with all the critters and threats of the thicket up until you discover them.

To obtain the ingredients, destroy the required items. Just be careful—you might be expecting cunning traps and probable retaliating bruises! Defeating enemies and unlocking chests can yield items that boost your character's vitality.