A Space Time Challenge

A Space Time Challenge

About game «A Space Time Challenge»

You'll encounter an actual space with only one-dimensionality. It will always be entirely under your control. You will commence to move, as well as your adversaries. You and they will both freeze until you start moving once more. Consequently, we cordially welcome you to feel this burden firsthand. Shoot the assailants and kill them; do not feel pity or any other bad feelings for them. Become a folk hero who defended the neighborhood from hostile invaders. What more could a teenage space voyager ask for? So do not waste time and immediately start an interstellar territorial conflict.

Control your spaceship while eradicating as many enemies as you can in an unusual space-time environment! Stopping will make time stop in this strange dimension where nothing happens until you do. You must try to remove the enemies as you move while constantly shooting while trying to avoid them or their bullets. The speed of the enemy is determined by how quickly you move, so if you move faster, the enemies will move faster too, thereby making the game tougher!