About game «Commando»

Boys' shooting video games have a wide range of narratives. For instance, anything may occur when playing an online game: an adversary could become stronger, a military weapon could malfunction, and bombs could drop from the sky. The excellent thing is that you will always be able to play for free. You will be a member of an exclusive commando unit in the brand-new Commando. In some of the most popular locations on earth, you will carry out a variety of jobs. For instance, you'll have to break into the enemy's military installation.

You'll be dropped off where you need to be to complete this from a helicopter. You must now advance while holding the firearm ready. You must fight alongside the enemy forces when you encounter them. You must engage the opponent with targeted fire while aiming the weapon's sight at it. You will receive a gun for each job, which you must use to hold your locations and accomplish the mission.