Age Of War

Age Of War

About game «Age Of War»

Well, to be honest, the name of the newest Age of War game, whose main objectives are to defend your own kingdom and vanquish the opposition, is very lame. Let's attempt to explain our reasoning. The answer is straightforward: after beginning the battle, we got so engrossed in it that we spent an hour or so working to solve the puzzle. What drew us in so strongly that it was challenging to leave. The first is enjoyable since it introduces you to amusing characters who are struggling to survive. The second is that we gradually moved into the era of knights after the battles of primitive people with the aid of everyday weapons like sticks and riders on dinosaurs, then there was the era of musketeers, the era of common warriors with machine guns, the era of tanks, and the final era - space warriors!

You have a set amount of money at your disposal, which you can employ to build a sizable or merely numerical army. Additionally, there will be three different sorts of soldiers in every era save the last two, and four to five in the latter two. Tanks and super warriors will be present in the latter.