Air Force Attack

Air Force Attack

About game «Air Force Attack»

In the digital realm, aircraft, hang gliders, bombers, maize planes, paper planes, passengers, and RC planes have all taken an active role. Many online goods concerning them give free access to airplane games. They carry people, spread fertilizer across fields, extinguish fires, and rescue people. The action has various possibilities, and you may even construct your own airfield and land or dump planes on the subsequent journey. Additionally, puzzles and coloring pages with cartoon airplanes are available. Jack is a military pilot in the air force of his nation. Your hero was given the command to attack the army airport of the foe today.

In the game Air Force Attack, you will assist Jack in finishing it. He will fly on a battle course after setting off in his aircraft. The opposing aircraft will soar to intercept him. You'll need to fire from your guns and eliminate everyone after getting near him. Additionally, they'll fire at you. Consequently, to navigate in the air and get your plane out of harm's way, utilize the controller keys.