Airport Clash 3D

Airport Clash 3D

About game «Airport Clash 3D»

Is it feasible to shoot and have fun at the same time? How do you feel? Whatever your opinion, the developers of the new three-dimensional shooter were successful, and cartoon characters with real weapons seem good. But those aren't the only elements of the brand-new multiplayer shooting game; it turns out that there are many more. To find out what precisely they have in store for you, pick your hero and join your squad in Airport Clash 3D.

The key point is not that the main character has a formidable weapon, like a minigun, which you know what it is when numerous spitting rotate at high speed lead trunks, but rather the fact that he does. The main character looks extremely amusing, and his haircut is normally something fantastic. In addition to the minigun, you might focus on the sniper rifle, which is also present in the game but requires some searching. As you have previously noted, each weapon can be upgraded. However, upgrading a weapon requires gold, and getting gold requires your team winning a combat. Make sure to visit the weapon workshop after the combat.