Piggy Night

Piggy Night

About game «Piggy Night»

A fresh and entertaining arcade game called Before you has you assisting a young pig who has run into some difficulties in life. And that's what took place! When everyone was asleep one pitch-black night, mysterious animals attacked his property. Our hero, however, cannot say the same because his house was closed for the night and he now needs to run, the faster the better. All the other houses with animals were closed, so the animals inside were safe. Now, it's up to you to decide if he will greet the morning and how long he will live!

What must be done in order for your hero to live? Just run, but remember to stop and consider your next move because it might be your last. Terrible creatures move in circles, yet each circle contains a number of open spaces that can aid our hero in slipping past the creatures and continuing on his journey. In addition to the fact that the monsters move in a circle, which naturally makes sneaking past more difficult. However, if you can estimate the speed of the creatures in the circle and think a little, you can enter it.