Thor Boss Battles

Thor Boss Battles

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Valhalla is in danger, and I wonder what, or who decided that he could disturb the peace and quiet of this kingdom, where the best of the best rest, and all of them, as one, perished in battles for their peace and their valor. And even the fact that Odin sits on the throne of the king in Valhalla does not scare anyone, perhaps they simply do not know his strength, but as soon as he rises, it is unlikely that the enemies will be able to hide in the dark places of Asgar.

The first obstacle in Thor's path will be his brother Loki, who decides that he is not loved and that Thor is the only one who is adored. As a result, the major foe will attempt to deal with Thor and usurp the king of Asgard. Everything must be completed in a flash, without pausing for an extended period of time. Time is running out, and Asgard is expanding and sinking deeper into the night. With the help of a potent weapon, your hero is able to demolish the castle's floors and walls in addition to its opponents. Use it sensibly.