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We are pleased to introduce, a brand-new online multiplayer game, to all football aficionados. In it, the creators will give us the option to play as a member of a team of players versus another member of the same team after we have completed the necessary registration. As soon as the game begins, you will be on the football field and will be playing. The arrow keys on your keyboard or the mouse can be used to control your player. What you can do will demonstrate the assistance you will receive at the game's outset.

Your goal is to grab the soccer ball and advance it to your adversary's goal so you can score. How can we transport a little sphere? The answer is obvious: with the aid of a black hole, whose size is capable of both growth and contraction. We have a hole that will advance with your assistance; consuming everything that gets up is not the way. The black hole is what will open the character's road to the finish line, and on the way, there may be many awful things. In theory, anything you encounter can interfere with the voyage.