Base Defense

Base Defense

About game «Base Defense»

It won't be possible to avert an impending attack on a fortified base; the only option to prevent the adversary and kill him on the approach to or inside the base would be through armed confrontation. Each war produces numerous large-scale clashes and offensives. Nevertheless, some of them take place off the battlefield. You must prevent the enemy from damaging important strategic locations in the game Base Defense in order to safeguard your military outpost.

To repel the army of bots, play the game Base Defense. Your base's one and the only defense is a powerful cannon that fires lead bullets at enemy warriors. You will compete against upgraded military robots in this game. To survive this combat, you must shoot the cannon into the lines of steel warriors and eliminate them before the bots can reach the defenders. Slaying an armed robot will earn you extra gold bullion. You may view the game store by clicking the icon in the top right corner. Finish every stage in the game in order to stop the robot onslaught.