Batman Сar Driver

Batman Сar Driver

About game «Batman Сar Driver»

Feeling like Batman the savior is possible. However, you won't be donning his suit or employing his special abilities. You have to participate in an exhilarating race while driving a super-cool and potent Batman vehicle. You will evaluate a superhero's car over the course of 30 stages, all of which must be started from the beginning. When the game first starts, access is granted to him. You can gain entry to the following round after completing his duty, and so on until you reach the last level. There are many slopes and dips in the region where Batman's vehicle will compete.

Avoid causing even the tiniest harm to the vehicle because if you do, the health indicator, which is positioned in the playing field's upper right corner, will progressively disappear. If it is fully bare, you will lose. Make sure to gather coins as you approach the finish line. The upper left corner of the screen shows their overall number. They will come in handy for purchasing the new car models that are sitting in your garage.