Baby Hazel Kitchen Fun

Baby Hazel Kitchen Fun

About game «Baby Hazel Kitchen Fun»

Baby Hazel and her younger brother were abandoned at home by themselves. You will assist her in taking care of him in Baby Hazel Kitchen Fun. A girl and her brother will be in a room that you can see on the television before you. First, you must take action to occupy the child. You need to keep the toddler entertained with the toys that are strewn about the room. You then enter the kitchen with young Hazel. Here, you'll need to prepare and feed both heroes utilizing a variety of culinary products.

The girl can watch Matty much more easily once you join her, and she can also use the tablet to play for a short while. Pick it up using your mouse from the table and give it to Hazel. Observe baby Matty as well, and if he asks for any of his toys, find it in the box and offer it to the child. Inform his sister if you observe that he seems a little depressed. To play and have fun together, place her close to her brother and throw the ball using the mouse. Continue to assist the girl while caring for her little sibling.