About game «Bombers.IO»

We will now learn how to use a powerful weapon called a mortar in tandem with you. You must visit the Bombers' "hottest" locations in order to accomplish this. In the virtual world of io, competition for the title of best of the best is already in full swing. Of course, there are similarities to the old "bomber," but this game has new, contemporary visuals, and the objective is still to survive at all costs.

If you don't like the secret callsign that will be given to your mortar warrior at the beginning, you can make one of your own. After finishing the name, you will be in the literal sense of the phrase desert, where troops just like you are attempting to survive. Furthermore, you can only survive here by continuously firing from your mortar. Over time, though, you will be able to increase your arsenal by earning money upfront. We urge you to start formulating rules for your soldier's conduct on the battlefield, such as the first rule: attempt to start fighting with just one opponent so that no one can encircle you and that you can focus all of your troops on the adversary.