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What are BMX games?

BMX is a type of bicycle originally invented by adult motocross enthusiasts for training. For children - future motocross and moto freestyle athletes, it was physically impossible to learn to ride full-size motocross motorcycles, and there were no special children's models at that distant time. Here you can try it yourself! In BMX games, it's time to test your amazing cycling and stunt skills on dozens of challenging levels. You crave extreme, so you are on one of the craziest tracks in the world. Do you have what it takes to pass each level without problems? BMX games are based on real physics and real BMX bike control. Every boy dreams of such a cool stunt bike that can ride through different obstacles, and perform jumps and cool stunts. Here you will be able to perform amazing famous moves to overcome obstacles and finish the track as fast as you can. Each of the games is filled with various obstacles, humps, springboards, and other irregularities. Will you be able to control the BMX bike so well and dexterously to pass the levels of the game one by one? Let's play and check!

How To Play BMX Games?

Tear everyone to pieces at the skate park in our BMX Games like you're Ryan Nyquist or Dave Mirra. You can perform any trick you want, from a double backflip to a 1.5-turn spin! Choose your favorite competition venue, from commercial skate parks to mountain ranges, and hit the pedals. Show off your best tricks to the staring crowd and feel like an X Games winner as you play through our BMX games. Our collection features a huge range of different riders and bikes so you can get a unique riding experience every time! With a simple control system, it is easy to spin, twist and flip. Perform tricks like a real pro and earn the highest scores in our BMX Games. If you're a fan of the realistic play, check out our 3D modes where you can slide down hills and mountains and perform tricks in the skate park in the first and third person. Or, play arcade games like a trial, balance, and jumping games. Several BMX games have the opportunity to compete with other pros, compete and perform tricks in the fight for the grand prize!