Jump Jousts - Teen Titans Go!

Jump Jousts - Teen Titans Go!

About game «Jump Jousts - Teen Titans Go!»

How frequently efforts are made on our patient planet! It cannot be stated that earthlings appreciate this attitude when they constantly attempt to subjugate, destroy, or populate it with new inhabitants. The youthful titans and their foes are still engaged in combat, and we will once more join their struggle on their side during the second, or continuation, phase of the conflict. It's time to unleash all of your might; let your adversaries cower in fear and quiver at the sight of your might. Are you prepared? The arena is prepared.

Fighting is straightforward, but you must first choose whether to face artificial intelligence or a real foe, such as a buddy. However, because we are engaging in team conflicts, a number of warriors from each side will enter the arena, and you must make a decision. Each warrior will be your opponent for two fights, therefore it's best to finish each one with a win so you can pick the next, stronger opponent. Play the game on one of your devices and have fun!