Super Stickman Hook

Super Stickman Hook

About game «Super Stickman Hook»

We still don't know where our wand man has ended up again, but one thing is certain: this is unquestionably a very scary and dangerous place, full of various terrible objects that, if touched, will instantly kill you. However, we know that our man is the most courageous and brave, so if Stickman Hook is unable to handle everything on his own, we will assist him.

Even though the daredevil appears to be in a mood to move mountains from the moment you enter the stickman world, upbeat music is playing, which encourages you to act. However, let's skip over this part since following the beginning, the stickman will start to tumble down where scalding lava bubbles and gurgles. This is not permitted, thus you must use a rolled rope to hold onto a ledge of some sort. The small man will be able to swing and jump farther with the aid of this rope, but he must remember to throw it to the subsequent ledge. And if you decide it's time for a break, it's best to do so on rubber platforms since they will spring back and prevent anyone from falling and burning to death.