C Virus Game: Outbreak

C Virus Game: Outbreak

About game «C Virus Game: Outbreak»

What may occur if researchers began experimenting with genes and DNA? The virus that was transferred to a person did not heal him as anticipated; instead, it turned him into a dreadful monster who was willing to consume everyone and everything in his path, and for this reason, he was capable of killing anyone. Unfortunately, the zombie bite survivors who bit themselves turned into monsters, and this can only be fixed with the aid of firearms. The shooter proved to be quite thrilling, especially if you enjoy games like Alien Shooter. By the way, C Virus Game: Outbreak is very similar to that game, so you won't be able to relax until you've finished everything.

Have you already put on your headphones and turned out the lights before the worst happens? On the one hand, this is wonderful because your hero did not pass away from a virus, but on the other hand, you need a weapon, so you must take a knife. Your hero was imprisoned in a chamber with a dead guard and died from a knife strike. You can use a gun in addition to the knife, but only once you've located a gun and ammunition.