Coronavirus Vaccine

Coronavirus Vaccine

About game «Coronavirus Vaccine»

It is no surprise that a dreadful pandemic has engulfed the globe, and despite the development of numerous vaccines, the spread of a hazardous virus continues unabated. Finally, researchers have developed a vaccination that can prevent this horrible illness. Though science and medicine do not stand still, a prototype of a microscopic virus fighter has already been developed, which you will have to control. Can you help?

It's time to combat the viruses since the virus destroyer has already been launched and is already moving through the veins of a patient who is suffering from a fatal illness. This means that his life is now in your hands. Viruses do not simply give up, though; instead, they run away from injections. Start the game, equip a syringe, and engage in combat. Play Coronavirus Vaccine online free installment for all gamers. You are cursed to live as a Coronavirus and if you don't want the situation to get any worse, you have to find the treasures and reach the end of this adventure game as quickly as possible. Take the role of Vaccine and enjoy the game.