Call On Duty Sniper Assassin

Call On Duty Sniper Assassin

About game «Call On Duty Sniper Assassin»

One sniper, one shot, one rifle. This list should be sufficient to carry out the various chores necessary to get rid of particularly dangerous terrorists who are currently hiding out in the desert but are still able to carry out the operations of their terrorist organization that is based in the city. Your hero is an outlaw, of course, but this is vital for his line of work, and the authorities complied with all of his demands. By the way, the operation to kill terrorists in Call On Duty Sniper Assassin is totally top-secret, and it is essential to the mission's success. The procedure for assuming a sniper stance can be skipped because everything is obvious at this point.

Your protagonist is an expert, thus he doesn't require assistance. So, after taking a position at a safe distance, the first thing to do is to cling to the optical sight with the mouse, think about the targets, and ascertain the trajectory of their movement. Once you've found the ideal angle, shoot at the target. Have a blast!