Captain America: Shield Strike

Captain America: Shield Strike

About game «Captain America: Shield Strike»

Except for diehard Marvel fans who know all about the Avengers, the valiant and superhuman defenders of our world against all dangers, we have no idea what we are talking about when we hear the unusual and lovely word vibranium. Therefore, vibranium is the metal from which one of the most potent avengers fashioned his shield; he is the subject of the new action game Captain America: Shield Strike, and you will now unite with him to combat evil once more.

The Hydra extended its awful paws toward humankind once more, but our superhero has previously prepared his barrier and will not allow this to happen. Simply choose one of the several modes, and he will clear the region of any terrorist group fighters. By the way, you fight for 10 stages in the story mode while having the ability to enhance your shield after each encounter. You can forget about everything because, in the second mode, this is a war until the very finish. Now that you have picked up the captain's shield, let's go on to learning how to wield it.