Dead Paradise 3

Dead Paradise 3

About game «Dead Paradise 3»

Dead Paradise 3 also masterfully combines frantic racing with obstacles on entirely varied terrain with aggressive shooting from all types of weapons of your armored vehicles. The primary objective of this mission is to safeguard the secret cargo that is being delivered. They will already be waiting for you and will make every effort not to miss the shipment and your armored car to the delivery daughter. The trip will be long, and each section of the route is a rather dangerous area. By the way, the path's sections are stages, and as soon as you complete one of them, the game will automatically preserve your progress, allowing you to keep playing even after you die. To surprise the enemy and keep the attack from being focused on your combat unit.

You must initially practice being in control in order to avoid getting struck in the opening fight since the cannons of your combat unit rotate at a hundred and eighty degrees. We suggest that you thoroughly research the management before going to protect the truck with the cargo.