Captain Marvel: Galactic Flight

Captain Marvel: Galactic Flight

About game «Captain Marvel: Galactic Flight»

Without exception, every fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is trembling in anticipation of the next blockbuster about one of the most potent new superheroes. Join the courageous girl on her new quest to save planets and worlds from various attackers while we wait for the film to be released. The road ahead is not simple, and you will pass across several universes where aliens have already begun to conduct their operations. By the way, the brave girl also has a "present" for them that is also extremely uncommon. Are you prepared to join the world of superheroes in the newest Captain Marvel game, Captain Marvel: Galactic Flight?

We've already mentioned that there are multiple missions, therefore it's important to conserve the captain's energy so that there will be enough to defeat all the adversaries. The first journey entails a less than cordial encounter with Chitauri invaders who are currently settling in Oblivion. The worlds of Alpha and, of course, Xandir are the next ones in line for Captain Marvel. On both worlds, total control has been seized and the populace has been reduced to servitude.