ZombieCraft 2

ZombieCraft 2

About game «ZombieCraft 2»

In the enormous universe, there was not a single combatant except our two heroes, who in the new terrible carnage known as ZombieCraft 2e were not afraid of the zombie invasion and were prepared to give their lives for a better future. By the way, extremely emotional players should continue, and if you are not scared of hordes of angry monsters and are willing to watch how they perish - you are welcome. The soldiers have already been given melee weapons and a shield; all that is left is for you to begin the massacre.

Two warriors are already waiting for you, and if you look closely at both of them, you can see that they each have a different type of weapon at their disposal. For instance, Steve has a huge sword that is both sharp and powerful, but his friend, the second character, is armed with a smaller but no less deadly axe; the key is to use it wisely. Only if they continue swinging their swords and preventing the monsters from getting too close to them will both warriors be able to survive.