Cheese Swipe

Cheese Swipe

About game «Cheese Swipe»

Since the guests love cheese the most, the hostess Tom and Jerry decided to buy a large head of cheese and chop it before going to the kitchen to place it in the refrigerator. One day, she decided to invite the guests over for a modest party. The hostess fell and naturally knocked over the cheese with space since she did not have time to take two steps. She called the cat and instructed it to guard the cheese while she went to the kitchen to prepare a new dish because she was aware that a mouse lived in her home. Tom started to watch over the cheese because he had nowhere to go. Will an average mouse miss such a holiday, though? Jerry then made the decision to steal a few items.

The cat must first be irritated, but how can you do it in the most effective way? Obviously, there was a mouse scurrying around the kitchen and attempting to grab some cheese at the same time. Tom will try to stop the mouse, but we won't let him, and I'll do everything I can to keep Jeri away from Tom's razor-sharp claws. Run forward while avoiding interior objects like vases, chairs, a chest of drawers, and other things.