Children Doctor Dentist 2

Children Doctor Dentist 2

About game «Children Doctor Dentist 2»

There are a lot of patients at the veterinary clinic today, and nearly every one of them decided to make a dentist appointment. We don't know what caused this, but one thing is certain: infant animals shouldn't eat anything sweet or hot because, in theory, cool is better. They all have a fear of doctors, but they all need dental care, therefore they will all have to go to the front desk. We can make the process as painless as possible for the animals while calming the youngsters and assisting the dentist in treating damaged teeth.

A leopard girl, a badger boy, and his friend the crocodile are waiting to be admitted to the emergency room, and in accordance with the codes of etiquette, the young people decided to provide the girl the privilege to visit the dentist first. As a result, we will begin treatment with her. Ask her to open her mouth so you can perform a preliminary inspection and make a diagnosis once you've seated her in a chair. And have already started treatment after the examination. Now that the examination and diagnosis are complete, all that is left to do is adhere strictly to the doctor's recommendations and instructions.