Avalaunch - Adventure Time

Avalaunch - Adventure Time

About game «Avalaunch - Adventure Time»

You can now look forward to another fun game from Finn and Jake! Along with the main cast of the animated series Avalaunch - Adventure Time, you'll take part in a chaotic race. Jake will be wearing a large pink bubble gum at the beginning, and a massive monster in the shape of a vending machine with candy and an ice cream cone on his head will be standing next to Jake. This appealing man will nudge Jake. You need to hit Jake quickly after selecting the appropriate push force. In order for Jake to move far after the dog takes off, you must continuously click on the ball. Along the trip, if you run into friends like Princess Bubblegum, Beamo, or Finn, you can split off and travel even further.

It is important to employ your skills when they are most successful, and you already know what factors will determine the outcome of your attempt. Therefore, we ride as long as we like, attempting to split up at the appropriate moment, using your heroic abilities in challenging circumstances, and generally attempting to obtain the best outcome each time while covering an increasing distance.