City Encounter

City Encounter

About game «City Encounter»

Greetings from the city! Here, there is never any quiet time. And all of this because bitter cowboys reside here. These individuals simply cannot tolerate one another in a civilized manner and attempt to slit each other's throats or shoot each other whenever possible. Many radical locals would be alarmed by their gathering this time. You should play game name for two players and ask a friend to join you. You'll play with these shooter games that despise one another and are prepared to rip the opposition apart. But it won't be a little inconvenience this time. Other city dwellers who are willing to do whatever to eliminate the constant invaders will join you.

One of you will use a blue arrow while the other uses a red one to play. You'll be able to jump in the car and drive while taking out your opponents at the same time. You can also shoot directly from a moving vehicle. Parachutes will drop rewards on you during gunfights. Take them quickly before your rival does. There might be a cool cannon that can help you eliminate your adversary permanently. Have fun playing and good luck!