Combat Zombie Warfare

Combat Zombie Warfare

About game «Combat Zombie Warfare»

If the thought of the wandering dead appeals to you, all you need is the online game Combat Zombie Warfare. You'll find yourself in a city with lots of zombies. Any zombies you encounter on the street should be shot. Ammo and first aid kits should be collected along the way. In order to find other zombie apocalypse survivors, you can choose from the city.

Welcoming you to a different reality that has just gone through a terrible tragedy. It had the dreadful results of bringing about the zombie apocalypse, or the appearance of the living dead. However, despite their best efforts to get back to normal, the sufferers basically spend their days battling the living dead. You chose to fight back and liberate your city despite the fact that zombies have taken over since there are reports of additional survivors approaching. Explore several regions while holding weapons in your hands. Get ready for an unanticipated zombie outbreak! Cut them with an axe or a dagger, and shoot them with whatever you can find on the battlefield. You can play alone or with others by joining servers spread out throughout the globe.