About game «Orange»

In the summer, we all enjoy sipping on cold juice or lemonade. We will set it up today in the brand-new Orange game. You will see the playing field and an empty glass in the center of the screen in front of you. A slice of orange will be visible above it at a specific height. You must use the mouse to click the slice while continuing to depress the mouse button. The juice will be forced into the glass as a result. In order to prevent the liquid from pouring, you must release it with a click. As soon as you fill the glass, you will receive points and advance to the following level of the game.

Are you a fan of orange juice? So you are in the right place! You and I will smash oranges and savor delectable fruit juice in the game Orange. Dexterity and quick thinking will be the primary criteria in this game. The game is designed for little kids but adults can enjoy it too! Have fun playing this colorful game and check out other kids games we have on our gaming portal.