Smashing Bots - PowerPuff Girls

Smashing Bots - PowerPuff Girls

About game «Smashing Bots - PowerPuff Girls»

These infants may be little in size and pleasant and kind by nature, but this does not mean that they will submit to evil forces and flee; in fact, they were not made in any way to do this. Let's get to know the three girlfriends, Bubble, Flower, and Pestle, a little better. Each of the heroines can combat the forces of evil using her own special talents. They continue to look stunning, exactly like real beauties, despite their confrontations with evil forces. By the way, this is one of those days when the girls made the decision to go shopping and get new clothing for themselves, especially given that a small party would shortly take place.

Pick up the speed of the crumbs and realize that there are forces to confront the robot, which is holding a city resident in its mechanical paws. The impact won't have any effects on the females, but the man will fall to the ground and the bot will blow up. Free all of the planet's prisoners one level at a time to end the conflict. have fun with PowerGirls!