Dart Wheel

Dart Wheel

About game «Dart Wheel»

You've undoubtedly seen a spectacular freak show when the maestro throws blades with incredible precision at a goal. We invite you to play along and demonstrate your exceptional knife-throwing abilities, including eye, timing, and precision. On the screen, a wooden ring will be seen rotating around an axis. A player will be bound to this circle by the arms and legs in order to increase the thrill of the game. This person will also go around in a circle. Targets will sporadically appear on the ring, which you must attack with razor-sharp knives.

Just click the button while moving your cursor over the desired target. Then your blade will fall exactly on your target without harming them. Soon, the circle's revolution will become more rapid, thereby making the game harder. In this absolutely action-packed game of fun, try to strike every target while avoiding injuring the careless youngster who took the risk of being a target. We know you can manage any difficult situation and come out on top honorably. We wish you success and uncatchable accuracy!