Extreme Bike Track

Extreme Bike Track

About game «Extreme Bike Track»

Extreme Bike Track is a unique program that is offered without charge and is entirely secure. Computer games replicated genuine motorcycle races while remembering cliffs, slides, and leaps. Some assign you to play in hazardous locations, such as the hills, where you must navigate a short route that winds between mountain ranges. Our desperate racer is prepared to head to the track in any weather, despite the fact that it is raining heavily outside, thunder is rumbling, and lightning is flashing. Take the first motorcycles you see and head to the game's starting point, Extreme Bike Track.

The most important thing that you must demonstrate to others is Incredible Stunts on the Mototrack, regardless of the type of motorcycle you ride or how much "horsepower" it has, how long you drive it or what awaits you at the finish of this race. The distances are brief but fairly difficult; you must move quickly and halt in front of concrete slabs only in time to reach the finish line. Accumulate points, and they will be changed into money that you may use to buy a more capable and user-friendly bike.