Cyber Truck Drive Simulator

Cyber Truck Drive Simulator

About game «Cyber Truck Drive Simulator»

Play the game name for free online. Click to start playing this fantastic game where the main objective is to control a vehicle that has no driver but must still be managed by a human. This automobile has a built-in remote control. You need to get to the flag as quickly as you can. On the screen, you can see the arrow pointing in the direction you need to go. The distance is less if you move in the right direction. If, however, you see that the gap is growing, adjust your course because you took it incorrectly. Remember the passing of time, as being the fastest is the goal of this game.

The game name offers you the chance to travel through beautiful mountain scenery far from civilization and without any roads. An image from the GPS is projected in front of the car; if you drive in the right way, the distance in meters to the destination decreases; if the distance increases, it's time to turn around and discover the correct route. Remember that you can access this game through a variety of tools and gadgets.