Extreme Space Airplane Attack

Extreme Space Airplane Attack

About game «Extreme Space Airplane Attack»

What is more delightful than a free flight on a small plane where you can accomplish any of your feats while still taking part in the epic war against enemies? Certainly not as rapidly as if experienced stuntmen were participating, but neither less quickly! Would you be actively committed?

Aliens are about to assault the earth. Your spaceship in the video game Extreme Space Airplane Attack is modern and technologically sophisticated. Only you can stop this horde and save humanity. Start from the beginning and then welcome the unexpected guests outside right immediately. Follow the position, and as soon as you are almost at the right distance, start shooting your cannon. Use the sharpest aim and fire to destroy the enemy ship. For each hit and effective demolition, you will receive glasses. They were preparing to attack you and will now fire reprisal shots. You have to navigate if you want to survive and get out of the shells. Move about by using "WASD" or your mouse. We're wishing you luck!