About game «Coviddestroyer»

Today, the majority of countries are being affected by the Coronavirus virus. To fight this illness, we'll play the game Coviddestroyer today. These disgusting microorganisms have united to take control of the world! Guys, can we get rid of this coronavirus and still protect the surroundings? You are the only one who can find a drug on him that will kill him right away! In the game Coviddestroyer, you have to toss vaccinations their way with all of your tossing skills. By getting rid of the coronavirus, you can show off your wits and quickness.

You were surrounded by all of these germs, but you weren't immediately aware of them. They will appear in the game, and your goal is to get rid of them. One vaccination at a time is required to totally eliminate the coronavirus! A certain number of immunizations will be required of you, but they cannot be administered at the same time. If you miss, the coronavirus won't be infected and the shot will flee. After one missed hit, you'll also have to start over! Enjoy the victory by injecting the Covid-19 virus with all the needles! Good fortune!