Unordinary Week - Play The PowerPuff Girls

Unordinary Week - Play The PowerPuff Girls

About game «Unordinary Week - Play The PowerPuff Girls»

Endurance and bravery are not determined by growth. Take a look at the young girls, Pestle, Flower, and Bubble, who were created in a laboratory. When it concerns salvation, they are unable to offer their decisiveness and skill. Playing Supercrumbs games for free online is the finest way to get to know the small ones. They listen carefully, have exceptional hearing, are able to fly, engage in chases and gunshots, save the Mayor and pups, go to the hairdresser to get a new outfit, get their hair and makeup fixed, and then resume their dangerous exploits. Those amazing particles, Bubble, Flower, and Pestle, work together.

They are continuously defending Townsville from Mojo Jojo's nefarious activities. This time, the week started with the extremely intelligent chimpanzee villain building an army of robots and dispatching them to kill the infants. Selecting the one you want to command will aid them in fending off assaults. Use the right mouse button to attack and the left mouse button to defend.