Movie Lot Mayhem - Teen Titans Go!

Movie Lot Mayhem - Teen Titans Go!

About game «Movie Lot Mayhem - Teen Titans Go!»

The same-named animated series serves as the inspiration for the Teen Titans Go video games. It has a lot of similarities to the "Justice League" premise. You must take on the roles of Raven the Demon, a young woman with wisdom and bravery beyond her years, Starfire, an alien that was unable to establish a permanent home on Earth, the Werewolf, Cyborg, or Robin, the team's leader. For those seeking adventure, Teen Titan games are available. Go! Three, two, one, go!

You'll travel to the Universe, where the young Titans maintain law and order. Up until very recently, they did a good job at it, but now they need your assistance in the game Movie Lot Mayhem - Teen Titans Go!. There are too many opponents, and they have shown to be sly and sneaky. Our hero has already prepared a potent cannon and is ready to fire when you give the order. You must keep a close eye on the targets that materialize; among them could be good people or even the Titans themselves. Leave the nice guys alone and just shoot the bad guys. Keep an eye out for additional plates that can lengthen your game.