Forest Survival

Forest Survival

About game «Forest Survival»

The focus of the computer game Forest Survival focuses on surviving in the wilderness. Use these materials to produce weapons and cover. In addition to tools and a place to stay, you need food to maintain your life force. Prepare to fight the cannibals by gathering everything you need to increase your stock. Try your luck at surviving today because the island is so big. The outcome of the game will show whether it is possible for you to survive in this wilderness or whether you will perish. But even that isn't the finest part!

In the universe of Forest Survival, a gateway has formed nearby a small village from which swarms of undead have emerged. Now, all of these monsters are moving in the direction of the city. In the game, you have to approach them and kill the zombies. Your character will move across a specific location while brandishing a weapon. As soon as you see a zombie, immediately aim your weapon at it. Target certain bodily sections in your efforts. You may swiftly defeat the foes and get points by taking shots and entering them.