Christmas Sledge

Christmas Sledge

About game «Christmas Sledge»

The main cast of the cartoon series appears in the straightforward arcade game Christmas Sledge. To collect the gifts strewn down the snowy route, you must slide down it.

Regardless of what season is in power outside the door, the New Year remains relevant. It is helpful to open free fun and play spitballs to cool off a little bit, even in the summertime when the sun calls to the seaside. Create a stronghold, then after dividing into teams, start a snow battle. On a snowy hill, Gumball, Darwin, the three bears, and other Boomerang Studio cartoon characters will have fun. The slides are gorgeous. They must also climb them. Regardless of who is in the automobile, your objective is to assist the characters in getting to the game's destination safely. Due to the positioning of bushes, rocks, and other unexpected obstructions on the route, the hill is perilous and the descent is hazardous. Additionally, as you move along the trail, you can discover some delightful surprises. Looping between barriers will help you avoid missing them.