Police Motorbike Traffic Rider

Police Motorbike Traffic Rider

About game «Police Motorbike Traffic Rider»

Recently, criminals have also become more dangerous, mobile, and quick, which cannot help but affect the growth of crime. However, in this situation, the police cannot fall behind and must be even more professional in their tasks, which entails constant training, experience, and learning new methods and techniques of combating crime. Today, the protagonist of the new simulator reports working at his police station, where just today, new sports motorcycle models that were previously marked with identity markers were delivered.

There are quite a few motorcycles in the garage, all of which differ not only in look but also in quality. Before going for a motorbike run-in, you can go there and inspect them all. But instead of deliberating for a while, let's begin with the most straightforward option, which is only ready, filled, and waiting when the engine is started! Maybe we'll just try riding at first, see how the motorcycle handles, explore the city, and figure out how and when the traffic is the heaviest.