Glam Dress Up

Glam Dress Up

About game «Glam Dress Up»

Well, tell me who didn't want the fame and spotlight that daily fashion, film, and television stars receive in their lives? As they are supermodels, you comply with the females who belong on the platform. You assume the role of a fashion house stylist who must take care of each girl's looks so that they can be photographed, posed, and appear on magazine covers and Instagram pages. You'll have a large variety of clothing options from which to choose to put up stunning ensembles! Put supermodels in gorgeous new attire!

Do you adore fashion, glitz, and shopping magazines? Do you wish to marry a millionaire and become a well-known top model? Let's imagine dressing up virtual girls in stylish outfits and selecting model hairstyles for them. In this game, there are so many options for fashion and clothing that you have the chance to demonstrate your fashionista talent. Beauties who prefer glamorous to any style have united in the game Glam Dress Up. So, only a spectacular design will be used for the set of clothing and accessories.