Gully Baseball

Gully Baseball

About game «Gully Baseball»

Stickman and his companion made the decision to participate in Gully Baseball a street baseball competition. You'll need to assist the heroes in boosting their egos. Two characters holding bats are standing in a straight line in front of you on the screen. They will be a specific distance from their rivals. They both throw balls when given the signal. To click the mouse at a specific location on the playing field, you must first determine the trajectory of their flight. You'll use bats to hit your characters as a result. Both heroes will make contact with the ball if your calculations are accurate, earning you points.

Stickman and his partner made the decision to participate in Gully Baseball, a street baseball competition. To succeed, you must assist the major characters. Two heroes will be displayed on the screen directly in front of your eyes, standing in a straight line with bats ready in their hands. Our athletes' rivals will be situated a set distance away. Both opponents will toss about sporting equipment after waiting for a specific cue.