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In, the objective is to accumulate as many points as you can. Keep an eye on the radar in the bottom right. The white dot represents the snake, and the leader, and the blue dot represents the snake's position. Everyone looks for a leader, yet it's a difficult job. You get along with people better the longer your snake becomes. The first points in are obtained by gathering colored dots on the playing ground. To be able to accelerate, this is crucial. You can combat other snakes by speeding up. A snake dies and its corpse fragments into a gathered mass if it strikes the body of another snake or a fence. Now, this mass can be consumed by other players.

The topic of is the struggle for power and the battle to maintain leadership. When you are first, have the guts to fight the boss and pick your battles carefully. Avoid being bit by the tail; instead, use your own strength to fight opponents. Keep in mind that you can play this game on a variety of tools and gadgets. Good fortune!