GunGame Shooting Warfare: Blocky Gangster

GunGame Shooting Warfare: Blocky Gangster

About game «GunGame Shooting Warfare: Blocky Gangster»

In this 3D multiplayer game, enter the realm of blocks and shoot all of your enemies. A room can be made, and five game types are available. You can ask your buddies over to play games and engage in combat so that you can win. There are nine different kinds of weaponry available. Are you prepared to take on any foes? Don't be frightened to play this thrilling game and demonstrate your exceptional shooting prowess by dominating the conflict.

Have you studied gangster culture? Or wished to experience what a gangster's life is like? You can fully experience these feelings and impressions in our game. You'll engage in gunplay with other hulking individuals while competing to prove who the best gangster is. To demonstrate to everyone that you are the best in this city, commit as many murders as you can! You must choose a server or launch single-player mode after beginning the game. In order to finish the level, your objective is to eliminate a predetermined amount of zombies.