Gunslinger Duel

Gunslinger Duel

About game «Gunslinger Duel»

We are glad that it will no again be permitted to take part in this type of event because these skirmishes were conducted in the Wild West during the time of cowboys and Indians, during which everything was settled by weaponry, a keen eye, and a strong hand. This game is not for weak people. Do you think you could survive there?

Before the fiercest conflict begins, we'd like to remind you of the rules of this perilous game. After each player had the chance to arm himself with a handgun of any manufacturer and size, the dueling area was divided into equal portions. When this aggressive activity first began, the arrows were initially spaced equally apart. The two ranchers took up positions and waited for the signal, which might have been the sound of the city clock or the sheriff's whistle. The cowboys drew their weapons as soon as they heard it and started shooting. In contrast to his opponent, the first shooter nearly always survives. All that is left to do is sit down and patiently wait for the message now that you have understood everything.