Head Soccer World Champion

Head Soccer World Champion

About game «Head Soccer World Champion»

Everyone at Head Soccer World Champion is raving about it because it's game day! You need to play well and defeat your opponents with a high number of goals since your supporters are watching you. Do you possess the necessary skills to win this game?

Football is often played by two teams with numerous players, although these rules are slightly different. You manage a single character rather than a team. From the main menu, select one of the five characters, then press the play button to begin the game. In order to win, you must outscore your opponent before the game is over. 90 seconds are spent on each match. You send the ball to your opponent and attempt to get him to touch the ground on his side in order to score a goal, just like in the traditional game of volleyball. A point will be scored by your opponent if the ball touches the ground on your side of the field. Arrow keys are used to move and jump. You can check the results and remaining time at the top of the screen. Have fun and rejoice!