Hulk Smash Wall

Hulk Smash Wall

About game «Hulk Smash Wall»

In the exciting arcade game Hulk Smash Wall, you must help a huge giant like the Hulk clear his route by smashing over walls. Click "Start" at the bottom of the page to get started. The goal of each phase is to get to the path's end. The walkway had been installed with several impediments. For instance, a tall brick fence. The Hulk will smash through the wall if you dash while using the left mouse button. If not, the hero will die when he or she is encountered. Propulsion can also be employed to go through gray barriers or dodge hammer blows. If the hammer murders your character, you've lost your hero. Click "Continue" to continue.

You get a great opportunity to play as your preferred movie character in this game. Because he is a member of the well-known Avengers squad, the Hulk is one of the major figures in the Marvel universe. Visit our website if you want to find more games that feature different Avengers! Your enjoyment of our games is guaranteed! Play now and have fun!