Cups and Balls

Cups and Balls

About game «Cups and Balls»

Your brain will function in an increased mode as you solve yet another logic and creativity-testing puzzle. Participate in the game to see how quickly you can complete all of its varied tasks. They will initially appear to be manageable to you, but as the game progresses, everything will change.

The main objective of the game is to get a predetermined amount of colored balls into the cup. It will be in a certain area of the playing field in each stage. This mug will have a number next to it that represents how many balls must enter for you to succeed in the level. These balls will drop out of the hole and have the option to entirely scatter around the playing field, avoiding the mug, at the same time. You must stretch the ropes in the proper locations on the playing field to prevent the balls from falling past the mug and to ensure that they hit it precisely. To accomplish this, use the mouse to move the blue cross's cursor to any location on the playing field. You decide how this will turn out.