Moon Car Stunt

Moon Car Stunt

About game «Moon Car Stunt»

In an effort to harness the heavenly body for the good of mankind, people have long glanced at the moon. The brilliant concept was to construct a huge ring track all around moon that would completely encircle the spherical body. You can run unusual moon events on this course. Soon after the decision was made, a fantastic car track was built, and you will be among the first to use it. There will be a few other competitors in addition to you. You will have the opportunity to become the first person to win the race to the moon when the first contests start up soon, but first you must triumph in Moon Car Stunt.

On the display in front of you, there will be a polygon that has been specifically built. There will be several risky portions and jumps throughout. To finish the race without a catastrophe, you will need to drive quickly down the road and pull off a number of stunts. Be careful with the way you drive and you'll be able to master the game! We believe in your victory.