Ice Princess Beauty Surgery

Ice Princess Beauty Surgery

About game «Ice Princess Beauty Surgery»

A rare virus Princess Elsa contracted caused a lasting alteration in her look. The girl had severe bags under her eyes, a puffy, swollen face, ulcers, and significant blemishes. Cosmetic surgery is the only option to reverse all of these alterations. You must assume the role of a cosmetic surgeon who can restore the princess' youthful appearance. Use the controls on the playing field's bottom panel to accomplish this.

Start by using a scalpel to straighten up puffy eyes. Skin excess can be removed by making incisions and stitching them. After surgery, ice cubes can reduce postoperative edema. The blade will be useful if you want to alter the girl's nose's appearance. A syringe is placed at the base of the screen to enlarge Elsa's lips. Additionally, it can be applied to lessen facial puffiness. The aesthetic operations can now get underway. Utilizing the tools and devices at the bottom of the playing area, assist the princess in getting rid of the scars and pimples on her face. Eliminating the circles under your eyelids is the last stage.